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The man in the mask

The man in the mask1 had chained2 Jim up. His wife screaming and begged3 to be set free as the man hauled her out the door. Soon, a car motor was fading into the distance.

Jim found a photo4 on the floor nearby. He knew exactly where they were taking her. Not stopping to think, he grabbed the nearest heavy object — an old fire extinguisher5 — and got to work on freeing himself.

Soon, he was in his car, gripping the wheel6 furiously and rushing down a dirt road. If he played his cards7 right, he’d make it in time. But the temperature was falling8 and time was not on his side.

His car came to a skidding halt near an old township sign. He hopped out and listened, searching9 for any clue that would help.

A scream pierced the deafening silence and Jim rushed into the woods toward it.