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The Mars DNA

The doctor had been sent to space1 because nobody trusted his motives2. But his research into DNA3 splicing was too promising, and the committee feared he’d conduct it anyway regardless of their attempts to stop him.

His lab was on an outlaying module of the ISS; an old probe4 bay that could be jettisoned should something truly bad happen. There, his specimens5 and samples were all carefully organized. He had been working on splicing lizard DNA with DNA found on Mars. The doctor knew that his breakthroughs would make Dolly the sheep6 look paltry and boring in comparison.

But he needed a new alligator7 sample sent up. Getting that approved8 would be impossible before he was forced to return to Earth.

He cursed his bad luck9 until he remembered his Komodo dragon sample. It would create a more aggressive specimen, but he didn’t see the harm in trying.