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The mascot

“So, who was the genius1?”, the officer started while shining a flashlight2 in my face.

“No one. It was just a silly prank.”, I replied quickly.

“Uh huh. You stole the other team’s mascot and you think that’s just a silly prank?”

“I didn’t steal it. Frank did. And it’s not a mascot. It’s just an overstuffed, six foot toy elephant3.”

“Right”, continued the officer, “Which your team brought up to the cliff side4. Then, you had a party. Am I getting this?”

“Yes”, I said. This wasn’t going well for me.

“And who’s idea was it to soak the thing in gas5 and light it up?”

“Again, Frank’s.”

“Soon after, the smoke became toxic6 and…?”

“… we pushed it over the cliff”

“But Frank caught fire.”

“He must’ve spilled some gas on his shirt. We tried to smother the fire, but it already burned him.” Frank was on a gurney7 being wheeled into an ambulance8.

“Well, the toy is now a wreck9 at the bottom of the cliff, your quarterback is going to finish the season from a hospital, and if y’all are lucky, you won’t be kicked out of school for this stunt.”

I shrank into myself a little. It was all too much.

“Go home kid. Go home.”