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The maze

The webs1 in this part of the maze were thick and hadn’t been broken in some time. I had been enhanced2 and sent in to “win their game”3.

But it wasn’t a game. The only thing that kept me from running away scared were my augments.

I knew that if the rotting bodies and bones I had to step over to reach this point could speak4, they’d tell me it was a fool’s errand.

The maze was designed to kill. If you didn’t accidentally drink from a poisonous pool5, there was a good chance you’d encounter a wild animal6 or feral beast7.

Or simply get lost and die of hunger.

And the maze designers would document8 everything and start again.

But they had gotten tired of cleaning the maze. Every bone was a clue about what didn’t work before.

I made mental notes of my own, avoided the traps, and inched my way closer to the reward.9