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The morgue

“What do we got?” the detective said as he entered the morgue1.

He hated coming here. The flasks2 of questionable fluids and brains3 didn’t really phase him. But the smell…

“This poor sack4 was found floating in the bay. The bloating finally caused him to rise to the surface, but not before the crabs5 made a meal of him.”

The detective thought the corpse looks like something from old horror movies6.

The mortician continued, “He didn’t meet The Ferryman7 in the water though.”

The detective’s eyebrow raised a little. The case looked open and shut, but the mortician clearly had other ideas.

“How did he die, then?”

“Spider8 venom.”

“Spider… venom?”

“Toxicology is quite clear. Considering his ample size, I’d suggest starting with the marinas that allow carts9 onto the docks.” the mortician finished.

The detective turned to leave. There were more than 50 marinas that allowed carts. This case was not going to be open a shut.