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The Nest

Every crime had one punishment: transport to The Nest1. The Nest was a prison. A huge “city” orbiting Jupiter2.

Criminals were sent there by a huge gateway3. Many would beg to be killed rather than go by Portal. The milliseconds in transit felt like being struck by lightning4 100 times. Refusing to step through the portal was met with being tasered and thrown unconscious through it.

Ben has been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was eyeballing5 a chocolate bar when his friends had tried to rob the store. Police had quickly surrounded the place and everyone was trapped inside6. Guilty by association, there was no evidence to prove he wasn’t in collusion.

Now, he was in chains7, standing in front of that terrible “bridge”8 and being directed9 by enforcers to enter.

Ben took a big breath and stepped through.