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The pitchfork

It was late. Zach had been walking though a field near the bluff. The pulsing flash1 of the lighthouse2 caught him just right, making him dizzy3.

Zach spun a little and fell. He landed on pitchfork4 that had been forgotten in the field.

After howling like a wild monster5 from the pain, he slowly gained the strength to pull out his phone and call for help.

The medivac helicopter6 arrived soon after. Paramedics lifted him off the pitchfork and into the helicopter. On medic gave him a shot7 for tetanus as the helicopter ascended. Zach continued to whimper8 in pain all the way to the hospital.

The pulsing light caught the garish claws of the pitchfork jutting9 from some high grass and soon to be forgotten.