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The pool party

Gina had spent the last ten minutes feeling her way1 around the ambulance2. Her sight possibly gone forever, she replayed the events of the night.

Hunter and Gina had been holding hands3. He was taking her to the big post-game celebration. When they got there, she was surprised to see it was someone’s huge backyard4. People were dancing5 by a swimming pool. At one end, a statue of an elephant6 shot water out of its trunk and into the pool.

A little way from the pool, some guys in masks7 were setting off fireworks8. They had the fireworks on a rack and pressing a button9 would set off the next one in series.

Everyone was having a great time until one of the boys accidentally knocked the rack over as another was pushing the button.

That firework bounced against the ground and arced up. Gina was able to move out of the way, but just barely. The magnesium and phosphorus from the fire seared her face and eyes.

Everyone raced to help, but by the time the ambulance arrived, the damage had been done.