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The Raccoon

As the sun started to set1, the doctor2 sat with his feet hanging over the edge of the small mountain he had summited3, reliving the days events.

It started with that damn raccoon4. People had warned him that it would make a terrible pet. It had accidentally triggered the machine he had been working on, sending him back in time.

And everything was huge here. He saw piranhas5 and Venus Flytraps6 that looked like they could eat a man whole. There was gelatinous mass7 that seemed to move on its own. It also had the remains of a long-dead animal floating inside of it.

He had climbed to mountain to get a better view. This area seemed to suffer from micro tremors and a landslide8 almost took his life.

Now, he watched as a herd of brontosauri9 grazed below and wondered how he’d get out of this mess.