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The razor

Captain Stone’s ship1 had gone down on a planet he didn’t recognize. In spite of being in hyper sleep, he was still in one piece. His fighter, not so much.

The tail of the ship was missing. It contained the beacon he’d need for a rescue. It also had his footlocker2.

And thanks to hair still growing in hyper sleep, he desperately needed a shave3.

The captain had travelled back through the wreckage. Over 10 kilometres of rough terrain made tougher by dangerous plants4 and creatures that would drag a man into their underground den and spend weeks sucking marrow from the bones5.

When he found the locker, it was being pillaged. He watched from behind some bushes6 as a small imp-like7 creature flung his possessions across the clearing. It found something shiny and darted off.

It found his razor.

Stone tracked the imp to a cluster of trees. Its nest was inside.

He put some of the broken metal from his craft in the empty footlocker and set his trap8 near the nest. Then, he hid.

It didn’t take long for the imp to find the new treasure. It climbed into the box to see what new treasures it had found9.

And the captain slammed the lid closed. The box wouldn’t hold the creature forever. Moving fast, Stone jumped into the nest and searched for his razor. After cleaning himself up, he’d track down the beacon, but first, he was going to have the best shave ever.