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The Reporter's Decision

The reporter’s1 helicopter had been shot down in the middle of nowhere. The pilot knew that flying in this area was prohibited2, but the reporter had been very convincing; a decision that had cost the pilot his life.

After working to the get the hatch3 open, the reporter climbed free of the wreckage. Nothing useful had survived the crash and parts of his clothes were torn4, but he was still in one piece. The reporter knew staying there would lead to his capture. He started walking.

There had once been a lush forest here, but the retreating forces had scorched the land5. He kept his eyes out for any nuts6 or seeds that might be edible, but there was little left. The forest was ash. Wildlife7 had long abandoned the area. There were some bugs8, but he wasn’t desperate enough to try eating them yet.

After a few days of walking, he started to hallucinate. The reporter wasn’t even sure if he was walking in a straight line, or the right direction. All he could do was focus on getting back to his family9.

In the distance, he saw some smoke. Not thinking clearly, he ran toward it.