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The second beanstalk

Jack’s second beanstalk was planted well away from his mother’s house. A whole other country away.

When he climbed this beanstalk, what he saw was completely different to the original giant’s1 castle. No enchanted goose2. No golden harp3. No castle gate4.

What Jack saw was a desolate, towering, black alter5. Everything was still huge, which made climbing steps of the alter difficult, but this place hadn’t been touched in some time. It had been stripped of its magic6.

At the top, he saw an empty, rusted cage7. It was surrounded by polished mirrors8 angled to catch the noon sun and focus it toward the cage. A giant solar oven!

Jack rushed back to the beanstalk realizing he should cut down this one too. He would lock9 his remaining beans away and not plant another bean again for the rest of his life.