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The spotter

This was the least elegant operation Jones had ever been apart of.

Getting the key1 to the target’s house was the easy part, but Jones had never been a spotter2 for someone this clumsy.

It started with the operative trampling the target’s flower garden. It looked like a bull3 had been rampaging through it.

Once inside, the operative turned a light on and stood in front of a window4. Jones quickly radioed5 to turn the damned thing off so they didn’t alert neighbours.

“Which bottle6 was it?” the operative radioed.

“The cognac. The target always has a glass of cognac before bed.” Jones replied, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Poison7 is in. I’m headed out.”

Jones smiled8 slightly as he saw the operative coming out of the house. The guy quickly washed his hands9 in a small fountain before racing back to the car.

“Where the hell are his gloves?” thought Jones as they drove away.