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The squall

James had sailed all around the world. Never had he seen a squall hit so hard and fast.

His ship1 ended up in pieces on the shore of some tiny island in the South Pacific. It looked like a child had been jumping on and crushing his toys2.

He had managed to salvage a few supplies, his glasses3, and a backpack4 to put them all in. Looking around, he was a little surprised and worried5 to see an active volcano, its top smouldering6.

There were hundreds of islands in this area, but he had shared his itinerary. He’d have to be patient, but laziness7 was out of the question. He headed into the forest to look around.

He saw a groups of monkeys8 in the distance. He’d have to keep away from them to avoid being attacked9, but he could see where they were finding food. James would return later and collect some fruit after they had moved on.

As night got closer, he returned to the beach, started a fire, and set up a shelter with pieces of the wreckage.