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The start of tyranny

Nobody had expected the last big city to become a monarchy.

When the first mushroom clouds1 appeared around the world, the city government worked quickly to execute “Plan Omega”.

The city was on the outer edge of a delta. Teams worked to disconnect bridges2 allowing traffic into the city. Other teams worked tirelessly to erect the dome3 that would separate them from the outside world.

When preparation was complete, the signal4 was given and structural supports under the city were destroyed, allowing the city to slowly sink into the bay and come to rest on some geothermal vents5 that would supply energy for centuries.

For 100 years, everyone was safe6. Nuclear winter above the surface had frozen the bay and hidden the city.

For 100 years.

Now, the current mayor — a gluttonous blob7 of a man — had declared himself “king”8 for life. Anyone that opposed was sent to “The Freezer”; a jail that had been dug into the ice outside the protection of the dome.

Everyone that remained knew they were in trouble9, but there was no where to go.