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The Strigiforms

Captain Hart knew the risks. He had accepted the mission anyway. The Strigiforms1 had to be stopped.

He had just woken up and was hungry. Even though he had travelled by folded space, it was safer for humans to be in cryo-sleep2 for the journey. He ate meal pellets3 while gaining his bearings. They tasted like chilli.

Checking the map4, Hart pointed his mech toward the seventh planet. The researchers5 had all told him it would be heavily guarded. They weren’t wrong; he’d have to do some clever flying.

It didn’t matter. These aliens had taken too much. Too many people were gone. Rage6 started to rise up as he thought about his dead family.

If he could get through the defences and into the atmosphere7, then the nuke would finish the job.

Hart transformed his mech8 into fighter-configuration9 and got ready for his final battle.