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The tiara

The pirate1 had been marooned on the island. He could build a raft, but leaving would be risky. If he got past the reefs, the sharks2 would surely try to make him a snack.

Better to stay on dry land. Instead, he built a stilt house3 on the beach, at the edge of the forest4.

During the morning, he would venture into the forest, collect fresh water from a river, and capture tree frogs5 in a sack6 for dinner.

The pirate didn’t care much for the taste of frog, but enjoyed the mild hallucinations they gave him.

One night after dinner, he watched the stars. He imagined a meteor crashing7 down near his hut and fell asleep dreaming that it was a wooden chest full of treasure8.

He awoke to a pain in his side. A gold tiara9 jabbed into his ribs.