Cubes for Sat Jan 23 2021 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The time capsule

The construction worker sat on a large rock. He ate at his lunch and stared up as a flock of geese1 flew by overhead. But neither the birds nor the tuna2 sandwich he slowly devoured3 held his attention.

A rockslide4 had slammed into the side of a house. The foundation was still intact, so a crew was put together to rebuild it5.

While removing rubble and broken bits of wall, he found an old metal lunchbox. Like a time capsule6, inside were a well-preserved toy shark7 and submarine8.

Now, he sat imagining the child that had taken care of these toys, having the most amazing “underwater adventures” while jumping of the furniture and spinning around9. Would the shark be chasing the submarine, or the other way around?

He was more curious about how the box ended up inside the wall, but he’d have to think about it later. He finished his sandwich and went back to work.