Cubes for Thu Jan 23 2020 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The travellers

We travelled across an ocean of stars. Even travelling faster than light1, it took a long time.

To see you.

And “see” we did.

We saw as the first creatures on your planet came into being2. We saw as they evolved into larger creatures3 that roamed your oceans. We saw them climb from that water and become huge beasts4.

We saw them perish.

The process started anew and you rose up. We saw you come together to create marvels5 that would delight and confuse your descendants. You built huge cities. But they weren’t enough for how you multiplied.

You use water for art6. Water that you can’t live without, but you still use in wasteful ways.

Even your primitive gauges7 tell you that you’re being wasteful. And most of you ignore the warnings. Many hope the warnings aren’t true, expecting something “magical”8 to happen that fixes things, all the while knowing that your planet is becoming a wasteland9.

We see you dying.

And we’ll wait to see the next creatures that walk your planet, because we have travelled a long way for this.