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The Vault

“No pictures!”, Roger shouted angrily1 as I tried to take another photo2.

His parents had entrusted him with the code3 to the vault and now we were standing inside of it.

And it had everything!

I saw the remains of a titanoboa4. Dolly the sheep5 was stuffed and looked a little smaller next to a fossilized, 3 foot megapiranha6.

The blood diamond7 was amazing. Easily as big as my thumb, it was set in a necklace8 that probably cost as much as the diamond.

“What’s in here, Rog?”

“That’s… trash9. Tour’s over.” He pushed me out of the vault and sealed it back up.

But I could hear the hesitation in his voice. Why would his family be storing trash in their vault? Thinking about it made me even more curious.