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The Vial

Doctor Zhong smashed the vial1 on the ground near his captures2.

The aliens had been ruthless. They weren’t here to make friends or monkey3 around and our space force4 was no match for their fleet of destroyers5.

If humans survived this, it would leave an indelible mark6 on them all, but right now nothing seemed to shield7 them from the forward march of the aliens.

Doctor Zhong had a plan, he had found a rare mushroom8. The spores would have an affect, but they needed to be more potent. In an act of desperation (and not one he was proud to admit), he incubated the spores inside of a lab animal until they were toxic. The challenge was solved9. Once released, it would cause all organic matter to not only die 24 hours after being infected, but also become a carrier of the disease.

Then, he allowed himself to be captured.