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The waterslide

John stood over the opening. He was unable to move, paralyzed with fear1 while his friends tried to cajole#2 him into jumping in.

The hole itself wasn’t big. Big enough for one person to go through at a time, the way only one key can fit a lock3 at any time.

Inside, a whirling vortex4 of water filled the space5. Anything that entered was sucked down and through a tunnel in the rock, and then shot out into the lake 50 metres away.

He had seen his friends6 do it. All of them came out as expected, safe and exited at the experience.

But this wasn’t a game7 to John. He wanted nothing more than to back away from his friends’ teasing; to retreat into his shell8 and just go home. He’d never live it down, but he’d be alive.

He looked away from his feet9 and the hole toward the sky. The sun felt nice. Then, he jumped in.