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The wetlands

Winston’s curiosity1 had definitely gotten the best of him this time. He had been spelunking through caves and caverns in an eastern section of the jungle. When he cut through some thick webs2 to exit the last one, he found himself surrounded by waist-deep swamp.

No wetlands appeared on the maps he was using, but the gators3 were quick to let him know the dangers get his heart rate4 up. He got lucky using, and losing, his helmet5 to fend one off.

That put a real wrinkle in his plans and trapped6 him on this side of the cave. He couldn’t safely go pack the way he came without head protection.

He’d have to get some kind of signal or flag7 up above the trees. Hopefully, someone would see it and he wouldn’t be stranded8 for too long; he was down to his last sea biscuit9.