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The zoologist

Martin had been all over the world. As a zoologist, he was brought in for all kinds of consults.

Creatures large and small1. A dead sloth2 hanging from the high branches of a tree. A bear that seemingly died in hibernation3.

Once, he was even flown out to a half-sunken ship4 with a tattered skull and crossbones5 flag still just barely hanging on to its staff, just to document6 the remains of a bird based on a single remaining claw7.

People called him the “dead pet vet”, which he hated. He didn’t ask to be the guy that people call when they find a pile of old bones8.

But it did give him rare occasions like today’s find; something so interesting that it could shake the core of human understanding.

The helicopter touched down at the base camp. He pushed his glasses9 up his nose and hopped out, ready to see what everyone was buzzing about.