Cubes for Fri Feb 12 2021 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


Lightning1 crackled through the air. The first drops2 hit Darryl on the head just as he ducked under a shop awning.

And then it rained. It would have been the perfect downpour for putting out fires3 if there were any.

The wind4 almost made the rain go sideways. The people under the awning pressed up against the wall of the building5, each secretly praying6 it would end as quickly as it started.

Darryl definitely didn’t want to be there too long. The lobster7 on display had been sitting out for too long and was starting to turn.

He peeked around the corner8 to see if he could make a run to another spot. The wind and rain stung his face. A sign showing a recent dinosaur9 movie flew by.

He quickly retreated back to the safety of the bodega. The lobster was going bad, but it was definitely better than being out there.