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Tyr’s Geyser

Erin clutched Will1, hoping the creature would pass by the rock they were hidden behind.

“I swear! It’s Professor Green’s dark secret!”2

Clark had been telling the gang a story about a mutant snake3 that lived in Tyr‘s Geyser.4

According to the story, Clark‘s chemistry professor had a history of sleepwalking5. One time, he wandered into his lab and knocked over a bunch of chemicals6 into a snake terrarium. Later, the snake mutated and escaped.

It was a story that absolutely nobody believed.

Least of all, Bernie, who cut through the silence. “We should go.”

“Are you crazy?”, Erin chimed in. "Tyr’s geyser spews sulphur. The acid rain7 is bad and breathing that crap is worse. It’s also fenced off with a single, locked gate8 to keep idiots from doing what you’re suggesting.“

“I‘ll get some gear from the lab. We can do this."

Nobody wanted to say they were afraid, but even Clark was surprised by the idea of actually going there. Bernie knew his friends all too well, and none of them would admit to being afraid of old wive‘s tales.

“And we’ll need your video camera.”, Bernie added while pointing at Will9.

Everyone looked at each other. They reluctantly nodded and got ready for the journey.