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What's lost is found again

Marian had followed the clues to a hole in the ground.

Someone had hastily scrawled a map down on a piece of parchment1. It was jammed in an old book on Greek conquests2 and lost to the world.

Marian had found it while wondering the library; one of the few places she could safely travel while recovering from her illness3.

She tossed a rock into the hole4. It was pretty deep, but she had enough rope. She lowered herself5 into the cavern, moving her light6 around to glimpse anything. For a while, she saw nothing.

Then, it appeared. An ancient ship7 rose from the darkness. It startled her, causing her to drop8 her touch. It clattered to the deck of the ship.

Slowly, she descended to the deck. Staying tethered to her rope, she felt around carefully9 until she reached her light.

Marian raised the light again and marvelled at how well the ship looked for its age.